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A Stomping Great Time

March 17, 2018 Stomp - The Poeple

They came from far & wide, from Scotland, Ireland, Singapore & all parts of Australia. They celebrated birthdays and anniversaries; there were newly weds, couples, families & friends and they were great fun.

Stomp competition

There was stiff competition between the teams.

They created team names

* Mardi Grapes
* Norfolk and Chance (didn’t quite get this until the team said it quickly, with their Scottish accent, to boot!)
* Six Vines Wines (6 people in this team)
* Silver Wino’s
* Stomped But Not Stirred

Raced to collect the grapes; crushed juice & measured ripeness & sugar levels; blended our next Fiano, with the winners writing & presenting a ditty to get them over the line.

Stomp Food & Wine

With all that “hard word”, our Winemaking apprentices enjoyed a feast prepared by Chef Matt from The Deck Cafe; of course washed down with a supply of premium stomp! wines. The setting amongst the Casuarinas was perfect.

The Stomp at Stomp

Then the fun really began. They stomped solo, in pairs & in teams; there was slow contemplative stomping, the dancing stomp, the speed stomp and some hand squishing. Resulting in magnificent creations to wear home.

Thank you to all from Stomp

Michael & I would like to thank you for joining us, participating and adding humour, warmth and fun to all the days activities. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and hope you’ll join us again next year.

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