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Change is Afoot…

August 22, 2017

Change is afoot – we’re moving to Lovedale in 2018.

For nearly seven years we’ve had a wonderful relationship with Tinonee Vineyard. It has provided a fantastic base for our humble cellar door. We’ve had so much fun on this magnificent property. We’ve loved every minute of welcoming everyone to share our gorgeous wines and striking views of Yellowrock.

However, as the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end”, and with the change of hands of this property, our tenure is coming to a close. This weekend will be the last weekend we are operating our cellar from this location. Make sure you come and see us and say your goodbyes to our teeny cellar.

But the goodbyes are only temporary. It’s onwards and upwards from here… and like ducks on the dam, our feet are paddling madly under the surface – so much to do! Hopefully we won’t keep you waiting too long to announce our new cellar location and opening date. We can tell you it’s in Lovedale and we can’t wait to open our doors. There may even be accommodation you can stay in. Now that would be handy for the new, exciting events we’re planning!

We know you’ll enjoy visiting us at this convenient location. We just need you to be patient whilst we’re organising the final details, but we’ll share its top secret location as soon as we’re able.

In the meantime, you never know where you’ll find us. We’ll be popping up in various locations – gives us the opportunity to come and see you, check new spaces and introduce you to some of our wine friends.

Events/places you’ll definitely find us include:

Sydney Wine Festival – 14 & 15 October, Rosehill Racecourse

Vino Paradiso – 18 & 19 November, The Rocks, Sydney

Private Tastings – 891 Milbrodale Road, Broke

For other events and where to find us make sure you you follow us on Facebook or Instagram and check our website before you visit.

If in doubt you know you can contact me directly for your wines.

Here’s cheers to our exciting new journey. Make sure you follow us… it’s going to be a fun ride as we continue to….

live it… love it… stomp!