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Don’t miss out on your apprenticeship!

February 21, 2017

Vintage is a tricky time of year – so much excitement; stress and sheer exhaustion from the physical nature of winemaking. But as winemakers it’s our time, our gig!

And this year we thought it about time we shared our gig with you. Hence you’re invited to our Stomp 2017. Join us to learn what your favourite winemaking team is doing.

Join us at Stomp 2017, March 4, 12noon and we’ll take a wander through the vineyard as we discuss how we decide when to harvest. We’ll let you get hands on and visually inspect, test and taste some fruit. Yep, you get to hand squish some grapes and use a refractometer and hydrometer to measure sugar content and tell us if the fruit is ready. Don’t worry we’ll provide a bit of tuition along the way as we discuss the parameters we need to craft the wines you love.

Whilst we’re in the vineyard we’ll discuss how we pick and what’s happening in the winery right now. You’ll be the first to taste some of Vintage 2017’s ferments.

Vintage being our busiest time of year, we are always checking in on our mates. Does the truck driver need a coffee re-fill, does the winemaker need lunch, is the cellar hand okay in the press? It’s all hands on deck as we share the work load and look after one another.

So, in true vintage style, we’ll ensure you’re well fed and watered as we share Matt Dillow’s amazing feast with some of our latest wines. We’d love to hear your feedback on our new releases – Stomp! Limited Release 2016 Fiano and Stomp! 2015 Shiraz and, of course, some of our old favourites, too.

To work off your lunch (we will be cracking the whip!) you may wish to practice the art of pigeage or grape stomping – ‘cause we all know there’s something about getting dirty that attracts us all! You haven’t truly experienced vintage until you get completely sticky. Dirty, sticky and tired your apprenticeship is complete!

Now all we need to do is stock your car with some fantastic wine specials and a little gift from us and you can find your way home to relax.

Oh yer, one more thing, when you get home… wash your clothes. Vintage is also about never ending sticky clothes to wash…

Places must be booked by this Friday 24th February
Phone Meredith 0409 774 280
Cost $70 members (plus four guests allowed at this special price), $78 non members

Sneak Peak at Stomp 2017

February 2, 2017

Grab your friends and join us…

We’re exciting to announce we have Matt Dillow, of the Verandah Restaurant, preparing lunch for us at out Stomp 2017, Saturday 4 March.

Bearing in mind he needs to satisfy you – our newest trainees – he’s preparing a bountiful banquet. After all, we can’t let you go hungry when there’s some serious stompin’ to do.

Vintage is all about team work – sharing both the hard work and the rewards. With this in mind, Matt will be preparing the following plattered feast for us all to share:

Entree – Introducing our new Limited Release 2016 Fiano served with Italian Antipasti of

Pork, duck, pistachio and orange terrine
caramelised onion frittata
pesto bocconcini
olive tapenade
serrano ham
besan battered eggplant with saffron aioli
grilled zucchini
beetroot relish

Main – Introducing our new 2015 Shiraz, and your choice of our recently released 2015 Merlot, 2015 Verdelho, 2015 Chardonnay and 2016 Rose. Served with

Marinated slow baked salmon fillet with watercress and fennel salad
Mustard rubbed charred rib eye fillet with desiree potato, bacon and confit garlic
Rocket and parmesan salad.

Dessert & Coffee – with our old favourites Tawny or Frizzante

You can’t get through vintage without heaps of lollies and coffee, so in true vintage style we’ll finish our feast with a lolly and coffee bar and petit fours of chocolate whisky & almond fudge.

How can you resist?
BOOK NOW – call Meredith 0409 774 280.

See you on Saturday 4th March – we can’t wait to have your helping hand.