Monthly Archives: August 2015

We’re counting the days…

August 22, 2015

The winter months are coming to an end and we’re now anticipating our favourite season… spring! Soon, the fluffy green buds will burst from our seemingly sleepy, brown vines. They’ll awaken invigorated and the growth cycle will begin anew – beautiful green shoots, turning into lush canopy, culminating with what we trust will be another awesome crop of delicious berries for Vintage 2016.

The flooding rains of Autumn have left abundant ground water in our vineyard which should give the vines an early boost of energy as the growing season begins. Once the buds have appeared, we’ll nurture and cajole our vines as we constantly pray for reasonable weather over the following six months, until harvest.

A little like raising our children – nurture, cajole and pray…

So, how fitting, that just as the buds appear in our vineyard, we celebrate Father’s day and thank our Dads for all they’ve done for us. It’s a precious time in our family when we get the chance to spoil generations of hard working Dads. Dads who did their best for us – nurtured, cajoled and prayed we’d be okay as we grew into the men and woman we are today.

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