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What To Expect When Visiting The Broke Fordwich Wine Region

June 9, 2015

You didn’t know you needed to prepare for your visit to our region… but you do! Remember you’re visiting the country. Don’t freak out… but things are different here.

To help you prepare, here’s ten quick tips:

1. Prepare yourself for peace and quiet – real quiet. At night the silence can be deafening.

2. When you look up at our inky night skies, those beautiful twinkling diamonds are stars – thousands upon thousands of stars.

3. When you arrive, don’t be afraid to inhale. Our air is fresh and clean. It even smells sweet.

4. Have a look around you, don’t panic, it’s called space – and we have plenty of it! And all the critters, they’re called wildlife. Again, don’t panic, they’ll leave you alone. Don’t you remember your Mother saying, ‘they’re more afraid of you than you are of them’?

5. Mobile phone reception in our region sucks. Depending on your provider, it may even be non-existent. So, make sure you visit with friends and are fully prepared to focus and engage with them (scary, huh?).

6. When you meet your first local, don’t be scared by their appearance – practical farm boots and jeans are far more common than designer clothes, here. We’re pretty relaxed about our appearance – it’s the heart and soul we care about.

7. When you meet us, if you have nothing to say, talk about the weather. Remember, many of us are farmers – we can tell you exactly how many millimetres of rain fell last night! (I might be the anomaly here!)

8. When visiting our local cellar doors be prepared to meet passionate winemakers, cellar hands and growers. We are the people responsible for what’s in your glass. And, if you want to hear the story of how it got there we’ll be happy to share it with you.

9. Be prepared for old fashioned, personalised service. We may not all be equipped to deliver the slick, fast checkout experience; but if you need delivery to your door, or to your local accommodation – with a smile – then you’ve come to the right place.

10. As locals, we’re a fairly casual mob. We value life’s journey and the people we meet along the way. We encourage you to relax in our midst, enjoy our region and be ready for some fun.

Now make sure you visit us at Broke Fordwich – the tranquil side of the valley.