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April 30, 2015

When is it okay to stop and be still?

If we stop, just for a little while, will that one golden opportunity pass us by?

Normally one to know my mind, I had a slight moment this week…

A local cellar door manager asked me when all the cellar doors were opening on Anzac Day? I wasn’t entirely sure. Michael and I had discussed it and decided we were opening at 12.30pm after participating in our local commemorations. We knew this was a special day where we hit pause on our normal routine, take time out to be still, and pay our respects to all service men and woman who have and are still serving our country. It’s a day where we like to join with our children and our community to reflect a while.

So why, when I heard one of our other local cellar doors was opening all day, did I momentarily question our decision to not open until after lunch? Does the world really put that much pressure on us not to stop? Echoing in my head were the accusing words, ‘you’re a tourism business… you must open’. It is so hard to slow the world’s treadmill, let alone get off for just a short moment…

Thankfully, my indecision passed, trusting my heart, I knew we’d made our choice. Our values must always shine through in our business. Now was our time to be true to ourselves and the ideals and values we hold dear.

It was more than okay to stop for just a short moment.

Some things can only be known in silence… it’s okay to stop, be still and listen awhile…

Spirit of The Anzacs