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FAQ’s – Can you guess our most popular?

February 9, 2015

I guess every career must have the most frequently asked question? Ours keeps popping into my head as I’m out and about checking our vines. So, to remove it from my brain, here is the official answer, to our most frequently asked question…

How many bottles of wine can each vine produce?
So many factors come in to play when trying to work this out. Every vineyard is different – vine spacing, row spacing, soil type; vintage conditions vary; different varieties and ages of vines will yield different quantities of fruit etc. All these factors play a part in how many grapes are yielded per vine. That said, with a few vague assumptions, a little knowledge and some basic maths I can roughly answer for our vineyard:

White Wine
2000 vines per hectare
7 tonnes fruit per hectare
7 pallets wine per 2000 vines
5376 bottles per 2000 vines
2 – 3 bottles per vine

Each vine produces about 3.5 kg fruit
A bunch is roughly 175 grams
20 bunches of grapes produces roughly 2 -3 bottles of wine
7.5 bunches of grapes per bottle

Red Wine
Our reds are cropped at much lower levels than our whites. So, basically halve the numbers above. In other words, we get about 1 – 2 bottles per vine.

Good luck committing this to memory and bamboozling your next party guests!