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A few good reasons to support the boutique wines of Broke Fordwich…

May 13, 2014

Our beautiful Broke Fordwich sub region of the Hunter Valley, NSW is described as ‘the tranquil side of the valley’. We’re a visiting wine lover’s paradise, with 11 boutique cellar doors to visit.

But what does boutique really mean? In Australia, it’s generally known as an independently owned winery crushing less than 250 tonne per annum, under your own label.

But why support such a small wine company? Well, let’s start by saying all Australian wine companies had to start somewhere. All started small and grew.

We started making wines in the laundry of our suburban home in Sydney. My husband’s passion couldn’t be contained and years later, with formal retraining as a winemaker and somewhat improved equipment, we now crush approximately 20 tonne per annum, for our two contemporary brands – Stomp! and Pssst ‘n’ Broke.

Crushing such small volumes means we don’t have the advantages economies of scale bring. Our production costs per bottle are higher and our distribution networks are fewer. We constantly push for shelf space and hope the big boys, who shall remain nameless, but own many a liquor store, don’t drive the market price of wine below its true value.

However, our struggle for survival means we find competitive advantages in other areas, particularly creativity and individuality. Large companies need the safety and profit of consistency, the element of surprise is not encouraged. In Australia, it’s the little guys who innovate and create and once the concept has caught on the large producers continue with the trend. For example, as far as we’re aware, we handcraft the only Sparkling Verdelho in the Hunter Valley. This gorgeous wine continues to grow in popularity and is a must try for any visitor at our cellar door. There are few, if any, company boards who would have let this bizarre experimentation take place in their winery.

Another part of our individuality or freedom of expression is our brand, Pssst ‘n ‘Broke. Again, when this brand was launched most winemakers said, ‘you can’t call a wine that!’ Why not? We take making the best possible wine, really seriously… but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Authentic, quirkiness, or in this case, sheer irreverence shouldn’t be stifled. It shows you the real people behind the brand.

So why not visit Broke Fordwich and discover real people hand crafting outstanding, authored wines and providing true, old fashioned, personalised service?