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Why I Live Where I Live…

February 19, 2014

I’m a city gal, born and bred. I was raised in the suburbs of Sydney and absolutely love every minute I spend in the city of my birth. But, my home, the place where my heart sings and my soul is at peace, is definitely in the country – somewhere I can watch Mother Nature at work and view God’s many wondrous creations.

These last two weeks have given me many experiences to contemplate this…

It started with me minding my own business, casually walking out the back of the cellar door to freshen up the bathroom. As I opened the backdoor and was just about to step towards the amenities, low and behold a baby brown snake came straight for me! Needless to say, the old ‘stand still’ went out the window, and in my shock, I was arms and legs everywhere as I tried to step back behind the safety of a closed door. It’s the first time I’ve experienced a snake coming straight at me – normally they go the other way. After much stuffing of newspaper in the gap under the door, I consoled myself with the fact that it must have been facing my way and had to come towards me before it could turn and head the other way? I’m sure it was as frightened as me?

Early the next morning, heading down the paddock to the laundry, I was still in my somewhat cautious, look for snakes mode. So, my beautiful dog, Buster, (AKA the sacrificial lamb) led the way and assured me no snakes were within coo-ee. Little did he know a quiet, little gecko lay in waiting above the laundry door. Now I’ve heard of ‘Drop Bears’, but Drop Gecko’s? Scared the pants off me as it hurtled itself off the door, whizzed past my face, millimetres from my nose and landed at my feet! It wasn’t ‘till it landed that I had a moment to register it had legs and my heart kicked back into gear!

A couple of uneventful days later, my trusty, furry friend alerted me to a whoppa brown snake beside the garden. It had a little head and little tail… but was ever so fat in the middle. It was then, my son, who doesn’t have his vision challenged with age, alerted me to the fact that it was eating something and had a striped tail hanging out its mouth. So, that would be my beautiful blue tongue… dinner!

Needless to say, the next morning, I was still a little cautious going to do the washing. Vintage creates lots of dirty clothes, you know! Truth be known, vintage exhaustion had hit with a vengeance, and as I sat in front of my new front loader it took all my energy to tell myself to keep moving, halfway there and sleep and all life’s pleasure will eventually come! In my half asleep stupor I thought I heard a knocking on the wall. I knew I was tired… but hearing things, really?! It must be something outside, I thought. Then suddenly a bunny sprung from behind a washing basket behind me, narrowly missed my lap and sprinted for the door. Needless to say, no coffee was needed that morning!

Now, I love bunnies, I love gecko’s, I even kinda like red belly black snakes…. but I don’t like brown snakes and I certainly don’t like them in what I consider to be my space. But, in all reality, is it really my space, or am I the one encroaching on their territory? And, why don’t I like them? Is it because they make me feel vulnerable…? Perhaps, it’s only in this state of vulnerability and lack of control that we can truly learn something about ourselves and the world in which we live?

So, with all these scary critters, why am I so adamant that the rural, country life is the one for me? ‘Cause every day I’m able to see the wonder of creation! I’m able to experience our environment in a slightly healthier state than it is in our built up cities and towns. I’m able to see the delicate balance between the world mankind thinks he’s able to create and control, and the one in which Mother Nature really reigns. Personally, I prefer to try and live more harmoniously with Mother Nature. I think she has a lot to teach us… if only we’d be still and stop and listen awhile…