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Vintage 2014 – A Cracker!

January 24, 2014

Normally we come home from our Christmas holidays and slowly ease ourselves back to work. We test our vineyards and get the winery ready to start crushing fruit around Australia Day. We have plenty of time to prepare mentally and physically for the the onslaught of vintage. But not this year – home and straight into it.
The extremely hot, dry summer has ripened everything particularly early and we started crushing fruit on the 10th January! It all looks awesome and we’re extremely hopeful that in around 10 weeks we’ll claim 2014 as a cracker Vintage.
Albeit we didn’t have lot of time to prepare… we did manage to organise the lovely Sarah (pictured above) to join our winemaking team. What happened to the rest of you? Did I scare you with my previous post??
So, now we are back into it… what have I forgotten since last vintage? The enormous, super sticky spider webs traversing the vineyard rows. Picture me – wandering down the vineyard rows, being ever so careful I watch for snakes, and then suddenly my arms are flailing madly as I’ve walked straight through the invisible trap. The sticky web, now plastered all over my face, is not so pleasant… but what bothers me most, is where is the gargantuan spider that builds a web at least a metre and a half wide? And, I see them coming into the winery in the picking bins – believe me they’re BIG!!
As for the rest of it… the work’s hard, its hot…. but it’s a hell of lot of fun and an exciting time of year as we produce our next vintage!