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Vintage 2014 Is Almost Upon Us…

December 20, 2013

What is vintage all these winemakers keep going on about? And why do they go on about it?

Vintage is our moment to shine, our moment to do what we do best and produce your enjoyment for the next twelve months. We achieve in three months of the year what most people achieve in twelve. On one hand, it’s our moment of glory. The other, our moment of acute stress as our annual income teeters in the balance with every weather change. We work seven days, or nights, and although exhaustion eventually hits us, we don’t stop until all our lovely berries are in. Then, and only then, can life resume some normality…

Perhaps vintage is something we all need to ‘ground us’ and ensure we start the year appreciating life’s most basic experiences – a good meal, a long, hot shower and a decent night’s sleep.

But isn’t vintage glamorous, I hear you ponder? Isn’t winemaking all about beautiful grape stomping virgins and a gorgeous, young winemaker walking through the vineyard, pensively swirling a glass of his finest red and checking his grapes. Reality check! Firstly, our vintage generally has a team of maximum three people working (including Michael and myself). All over forty and none of us what you might describe as life’s beautiful babes. And, remember, winemaking is farming. We stress over the weather and picking our crop, we lug, we haul, we sanitise and we re-sanitise equipment. All wearing boots, long pants, long sleeves, sun hats and covered in sweet sticky grape juice with a slight hint of salty sweat! Not particularly sexy, but entirely necessary when you spend many hours outdoors checking vineyards and loading fruit on and off trucks. Not to mention the protection we need from the brown snakes, spiders and lizards lurking in both the vineyards and picking bins. Believe me, it’s amazing what a machine harvester can pick along with our luscious berries.

Picture too, the mobile phone, bedside, waiting to wake you at any time. To ensure the best possible wine, grapes must be picked when they are ready – at optimal ripeness – and when they are cool. This may mean a night harvest with the driver ringing you at 4am to let you know the grapes are ready for the winemaker to weave his magic.

And perhaps the least glamorous aspect to vintage is, it can be dangerous. Yeah, winemaking is so glamorous some wineries make you sign a disclaimer form, should you die during the process. The biggest risk is being overcome by the carbon dioxide grapes give off during the fermentation process. So we need to be mindful that the winery is well ventilated and always have a ‘spotter’ if someone is inside cleaning a tank or press. And, yes, I did say inside the tank with all its lovely sticky grape seeds and skins.

So, who’s in? Who wants to join our glamorous 2014 vintage winemaking team?

Mates Rates For Christmas

December 3, 2013

It’s nearly Christmas!

As you plan your family Christmas, do you have a special job to do?

Being the only winemakers in the family, our job is to organise the drinks. Not too taxing… and it means we’re assured to find a great selection at all the festivities!!

Just to ensure a little variety, not only do we share plenty of Stomp! and Pssst ‘n’ Broke, but we also share a few of our other Hunter favourites. So… we do actually have to do some work.  We have to go and catch up with our mates, over a beer or two, and bludge some of their booze.  And, if we’re not lucky enough to simply swap a case or two, we always get mates rates. Tough stuff this Hunter wine gig!

So, why don’t you let your family know you’ll organise the wine this Christmas.  And, in the spirit of Christmas, we’ll share our mates rates with you.  And it doesn’t even cost you the price of a beer!

Hopefully the lead up to your Christmas just got a whole lot easier.

30% Off Retail Price

 Between Dec 1 – Dec 13

Mixed & Straight Case Orders Only & Excludes Tawny Port

Orders To Be Placed Via Email –